Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Clumsy Dancing and Culture Crawling

The network of people connected with Dance Diversion are a classy and cultured lot. As far as dancing goes, some just like to clumsily give it a go occasionally at parties, while others have been taking private lessons with me for years. 

Should you choose to join us at an event you'll meet a range of different people. Some are creatives... architects, composers, photographers and designers. Others work in finance, IT, law, medicine... We are not a club for people who all work in the same industry. Intelligent discussions, an interest in the arts and lively parties are what it's all about. We meet together for dinners, afternoon teas, dance lessons and visits to art galleries and the theatre.

Amongst other things, we've seen Lea Anderson at the V&A Museum,

Pablo Bronstein at Tate Britain

and The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House.

We're meeting up to see Michael Clark Company at the Barbican this Saturday. At the time of writing, there are still a few tickets available so do get in touch if you're tempted to join us.

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